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I see this site as kind of a visual diary. It's not complete (which it could and should never be), it's not chronological. That would be boring. Very selectively, I give some visual impressions here and there, all that I find could be worth seeing. So much for the philosophy, the rest is technical.

  technical stuff
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The Website is written in PHP and accesses a mySQL Database.
PHP is a programming language, especially developed for web applications. PHP in combination with mySQL allows me to add and modify projects and texts to the website without writing a single line of HTML and thus without needing FTP access to upload the files. All changes are made in an administration interface and, once submitted, appear on the website without delay. The effort to write a website in PHP is high. However, once the site has reached a certain size, the effort is rewarded. And if one wants to constantly add content to the site, PHP/mySQL is indispensable.

One of the main reasons for which I have chosen PHP for this Website is the seamless integration of image processing in PHP. All thumbnail-images are created by PHP once the image is accessed for the first time. It is then saved on the main server (on which the script is being executed) and can thus be accessed very fast the next time they are needed.
The pictures can be distributed on different servers. Only the thumbnails are saved on a central server. That balances the amount of traffic between different providers (most of the pictures are being loaded from, since I pay for much traffic on this domain).

Furthermore it is possible to create bilingual pages with only one code. I do not have to create two different sets of pages. If I haven't translated a text yet, the German version is automatically displayed.

On the welcome page of the photo database and on each picture page, Javascript is (if activated) used for the slideshow. I use AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) to load the next image without actually regenerating (and thus reloading) the whole page. This also enables me to blend the images (supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox and maybe Safari (?), not by Opera). (If Javascript is disabled in the browser, slideshows are supported by delayed page reloads.) The entire site can be browsed and viewed without any disadvantages (apart from the just mentioned) without Javascript.

  browser recommendations
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This Site has been optimised and written for Mozilla and Firefox. Opera is good, too. It does not support transparency, though, and the slideshow is thus rendered without these smooth image transitions. MS Internet Explorer is to avoid, but even here, the Site runs stable and without any major display problems. In case of any problems, please report via "contact". However, the Site has been thorougly tested (for Mozilla 1.7, Firefox 3.0.1, Opera 9.5 and MS IE 7).
Apparently, the site also displays on Mac computers (heard from Mac-Firefox and Safari), please write me if experienced otherwise.

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I do not have any influence on the content of the third party internet webpages I link to. Therefore, I herewith refuse to take any responsibility for the contents of any document I link to. This statement shall apply to all links made from any of my pages.
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