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architecture of Sejima
  Nakahechi Museum
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First, we did not see it and drove past it. The Museum actually fits quite good in its surroundings. Fortunately we were the only visitors, and were very lucky with the weather and the light that day. Especially the light in the corridor is rather crazy...I felt like in a warm icecube.




between the core and

"Multi-purpose room"


the landscape as see

path to the entrance
  Kyuogasawarakeshoin Museum
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Rather spontaneously we decided to drive to Iida to see this museum (obviously for the architecture rather than for the exhibition). El-Croquis names it O-Museum, for no apparent reason. The real name is Kyuogasawarakeshoin Museum. Having found out the adress we entered it into the navigation system...we then arrived somewhere in the "Hinterland" of Iida and found the empty car park. You walk across the only street of the village, then turn right at a tiny bridge. There are no signs at all, neither in Romaji, nor in Japanese. But it is definitively worth searching. Here, as well, we were the only visitors.








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