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Highlands - the ascent of Ben Lawers

We decided to climb the Ben Lawers, the 10th highest mountain of Scotland. We parked the car at the "Ben Lawers Visitor Centre" at about 365m. From there we took the well-signed path that goes 13km up to the top at a height of 1214m.

Ben Lawers, the way



Horst, Jack and Thib




Jack, Horst and Thib


Thibaut, me, Jack an

me, Thibaut, Jack an

me, Horst, Thibaut a



After this extended walk we passed Loch Tummel. Here some fotos of "Queens View".


With good timing, we arived at Loch Leven at sunset. We wanted to make a picknick here, but the midges told us something different...

Loch Leven at sunset


Horst, me, Jack and




Thibaut, Jack and Ho

I, Jack, Thibaut and

I, Jack, Thibaut and
Finally we found a very nice spot directly between street and a field of rape. We had dinner there, i.e. bread, cheese (the famous "architect's delight"), ham, some pourable dip, and (fitting to the cheese Mango (which turned out to be very picknick-incompatible but delicious.

field of rape

Dinner on the Car... to a field o
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