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1979 born in Darmstadt (Germany)
1986-1990 primary school (Frankensteinschule) in Darmstadt
1990-1999 secondary school (Gymnasium Lichtenbergschule) in Darmstadt
1999 Abitur (A-levels)
1999-2000 alternative service in a play school (one third of the children were special-needs children) in Darmstadt
2000 3 weeks course of Japanese at the LSI in Bochum
since 2000 studies of architecture at the RWTH Aachen
2001 1 month practical training at a contractor in Japan
2001 2 month practical training at the carpenter "Dächert" in Darmstadt
since 2001 various projects at the architecture office "Jäck Molina Architekten", Cologne
2002 intermediate diploma (mark 1 - very good)
Begin of "Hauptstudium" ( = diploma course)
2002-2003 student-job ("hiwi") at the department for computer-aided architectural design (CAAD).
(2002) assistence for a course on 3D Studio MAX (course-leader J. Ramirez),
(2003) leading and conceptualization of the first course on SketchUP, AutoCAD and Photoshop
(2002-2003) weekly: general computer-support
2003 Prize (commendation) at the "Renault Traffic Design Award 2003" for the project "Autobahnkreuz Darmstadt"
2003-2004 studies of architecture at the Edinburgh College of Art (Scotland)
2004 2 month internship at Planquadrat, Darmstadt
2004-2005 Tutor job at the department for Building Planning, Design and Typology, N.N., p. p. Fred Humblé.
2004-2006 student-job ("hiwi") at the department for computer-aided architectural design (CAAD), programming of dynamic websites (in PHP).
2005 student-job ("hiwi") at the department for visual form, Prof. Heiner Hoffmann. For the seminar "Druckgrafik" (etching techniques) by Gazmend Kalemi.
2005 Prize (commendation) at the "Klaus Humpert Preis" in Stuttgart for the project denCity.net (click for more), cooperation with Philipp Hoppe.
2005-2006 working for Dawe Partners (formerly Dawe Geddes) Architects in London
2006 diploma at the department for computer aided architectural design (CAAD). International Criminal Court in the Hague (ICC). Prof. Peter Russell, Co-Prof. Fred Humblé. Passed, mark 1 - very good.
2006 invitation to the ARS Electronica 2006 in Linz, Austria for the project denCity.net in cooperation with Philipp Hoppe. Lecture at the "Goblin City" symposium, exhibition at the ARS Electronica Futurelab.
2006-2007 Employment at Hentrup Heyers + Prof. Fuhrmann architects, Aachen
2007 Scientific assistant at the department for computer aided architectural design. Research Project "stadtNT" in cooperation with the department for planning theory and town planning.
2007-2009 DAAD Scholarship "Sprache und Praxis Japan" (~language and internship in Japan). 10 month language school in Tokyo, followed by 8 month internship in an architecture office.
2008 4 month, work for Arata Isozaki & Associates (during the above mentioned scholarship).
2008-2009 4 month, work for Tezuka architects (during the above mentioned scholarship).
2009-2013 Scientific Researcher at the Human Technology Centre at RWTH Aachen University. Undertaking a Ph.D. in the eHealth Group in the field of ambient assisted living.
2010 The project myGreenSpace, in collaboration with Felix Heidrich, wins the Nokia UbiMedia Mindtrek Award in Tampere, Finland.
2014 Dissertation "Raumgeist - Prototypen der raumunterstützenden Technik" at the faculty for Architecture, RWTH Aachen University, with honors (summa cum laude).
2014-today Scientific Researcher at the Human Computer Interaction Center (HCIC) at the RWTH Aachen University. Focus on Ambient Intelligence.
2016-today formitas GmbH, head of the section BIM development.

Languages: German, English, Japanese, basic knowledge of French
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